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NRF Horizon Scanner ESG

Successfully navigate the rapidly changing ESG legal and regulatory landscape with NRF’s tailored horizon scanning service.

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The increasing complexity and volume of ESG related legal and regulatory change presents a compliance challenge and the risk of potential enforcement action from regulators.

Working closely with our clients, our experienced global ESG & Sustainability team have developed a purpose-built ESG horizon scanning solution, to give you comprehensive and timely insight into the important changes relevant to your business.

How it works

Receive targeted ESG regulatory alerts, written by our experienced lawyers, tailored to your business with impact assessments and recommended next steps relating to:

  • Climate and Energy Transition,
  • Environmental Regulation,
  • Human Rights,
  • Reporting & Disclosures,
  • Sustainability Strategy and Governance, and
  • Sustainable Finance and Responsible Capital.

Updates are organized in your own custom portal for future reference and reporting.

Who is this for?

Developed with input from over 20 organizations, NRF Horizon Scanner ESG is designed for use by a range of sectors from large financial institutions to high-growth technology businesses and can track any jurisdiction you require.

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Sample alert

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Reduce risk

Quickly identify the highest impact changes, and what actions to take.

Increase productivity, save costs

Offload the burden of information collection and focus on higher value work.

Tailored to fit

We work with you to ensure your alerts are tailored to your specific business needs.

Prepare for the future

Manage and communicate risks and opportunities at the earliest possible stage.

Peace of mind

Search, browse and share all updates in one place.

Reliable expertise

Easy access to our experienced ESG team.


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NRF Transform abstract

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